1. Once you have reviewed your cart, you can input your

postal code to check if you are eligible for delivery.

Once approved for delivery, you may proceed to checkout.



2. The next page you see will be where you input all your information.

If you are a new customer, you can continue your purchase as a guest.

If you are already have an account, please click the

"Log in" button in the Customer Information section.

If you would like to create an account for faster checkouts in the future,

please go back to the main page and click

"Create an Account in the top right hand corner. 


3. Please check over all your information in the

Delivery Address section to make the order processing faster.

Once you have reviewed your information,

proceed to the next page by clicking the "Continue" button.


4. The following page will review your delivery address

and also your delivery method.

Be sure to click the right button for delivery

and continue to payment method. 



5. This next page will ask you for your payment method.

We gladly accept Visa and MasterCard.

Please fill your information completely,

and also double check your billing address.

If it is different from your delivery address,

please click "Use a Different Billing Address"

and fill out the blanks. 


6. The last section you will see is the "Remember Me" section.

If you choose to save your information,

your future checkouts will be faster. 


7. Once you are done filling everything out,

click "Complete Order" and your order will be in for processing.

Once processed and marked ready for delivery,

our staff will give you a call to review your order

and let you know our expected delivery time.